Day 442: The 11th of October

Today wasn’t the most fun day ever. At least the Overwatch update cheered me up a bit.


Having to sit down and order books and then do CV work.

So yeah, I had to look up and order all of my course books for this semester today, which came to almost £500 of book. That is a significant amount of reading for the man who barely read anything last year. I am going to try my best to go above and beyond this year though, so the books should be useful.

After that my father talked me through his CV before they went out to have lunch. I then spent several hours slowly collating all of my qualifications and such into one word document. I still need to add some details.

This evening Overwatch launched its Halloween event, with all new skins that make me quite excited. This means playing a significant amount in order to get crates with a chance to get the skins I want. I don’t mind too much though, I have a lot of fun and I am slowly making my way into the ranked mode.

So yes. That was today. Not much else really happened. Let’s just say I am glad that I don’t have to go in tomorrow as well. Have a great day everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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