Day 446: The 15th of October

I am feeling much better now. I love the weekend so much.


My expression when I got the Witch Mercy skin in an Overwatch crate this evening.

I didn’t get much of a lie in today, since we had to go into town to get our flu jabs. I was, however, the first one out of bed. The first one who had to experience the cold of the day. That’s no fun.

After the flu jab we had breakfast in Wetherspoon’s and then headed home. My parents went off to see my grandmother and I spent two and a half hours doing tutorial preparations for Equity and Trusts. That was pretty much two hours of reading the textbook and then half an hour of answering the questions. I was going to do another tutorial tonight, but I decided against it. I’ll do my other tutorials tomorrow.

Instead, I played a lot of Overwatch. This was pretty much just to get crates, so I wasn’t paying too much attention and we did alright. Eventually I had opened two crates and had just received my third. I opened it and saw the familiar golden light of a legendary drop. And then I got Witch Mercy.

So that was good. That was pretty much the last thing that happened before I decided to write this blog post. I’m going to finish up and try to get some more sleep. My muscles are aching, no doubt due to the jab earlier. Or the fact that it is really cold.

I’ll head off now! Have a great Sunday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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