Day 448: The 17th of October

Today was another slow day of work. I treasure days when I don’t have to spend every waking minute doing something.


Me tomorrow when I wake up at 6 AM. Not looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is going to be a very full day, in contrast. I shall be getting up at 6 AM and staying in Guildford until probably 8 PM at the earliest. That depends how quickly we get to Pizza Express and how the evening goes. It is also a strike day on the trains, which could a something fun for my journey to and from university.

As for today, I mainly cleaned myself up after the weekend. I shaved, brushed out the knots from my hair and just generally tidied myself up. I shan’t get much of a chance for the rest of the week, so I might as well have some rest and relaxation in that sense.

Speaking of eating out tomorrow, that will hopefully happen. I’d hate to disappoint the guys again. I shall be keeping a close eye on the train network though, I would rather disappoint them than get stranded in Guildford overnight. I shall also need to bring something to entertain myself in the hours of time I have in between my tutorials. It will probably be one of my law textbooks, we shall soon see.

Anyway, it is now midnight. I want to get at least a few hours of sleep tonight, so I shall hit the hay. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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