Day 449: The 18th of October

Well. Today is finally over. I am so very, very glad.


Me on the last train home after going out to eat and be merry with the guys tonight.

So today was another Southern train strike day, because they hate doing their jobs. That was all well and good, I had to stand for my entire journey to Clapham Junction because they had cancelled the previous train and so the train was full from the beginning of the line onwards.

The next problem was that I almost missed my train to university, only to be saved by the fact that that train too was delayed by five minutes, giving me time to get off my delayed train and get to the correct platform for it.

Sprinkle in four hours of waiting in between various tutorials and workshops and you have a rough outline of my day. In the evening, Phil, one of the members of my group, decided to make us all wait an extra hour before we could go for pizza. This in turn led to us finishing up the evening at 8:45 PM, with the last train I could catch to get home being around 9:20 PM.

I managed to make it back through a series of four train changes and then had the joy of walking back from the station at 11 PM to finally be back now. All in all, it was a good socialising time, but at the same time it was incredibly costly for my overall sanity today.

Thank god I have tomorrow off. Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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