Day 450: The 19th of October

I kind of just switched my brain off today. It was good though. I would recommend.


The thought of having to go back into uni tomorrow and Friday makes me sad.

Most of the day I just played Overwatch, watched YouTube and generally avoided thinking about anything. I was going to do some work, but I don’t have to as a necessity as of yet, so I shall wait until the weekend.

I did see Corwin, Emma and Ben today though. They seemed pretty good, we all had Chinese together. Corwin seemed pretty chill for the most part. He went to see his great grandmother today as well.

I have been binge watching a new series over the past couple of hours, which isn’t really a good idea with university tomorrow. Hence, I shall now go to bed, after setting my three alarm clocks. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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