Day 452: The 21st of October

I have been awake for too many hours. I think I am going to crash soon.


How I felt waking up this morning at 5 AM.

So I have been up for 19 hours so far today. It has been a long one. I almost fell asleep in both of my lectures, as is my wont on Fridays, and I nearly dozed off on the train on my way home. Thankfully I survived the day and the weekend awaits!

I spoke to lots of people from university who I don’t normally interact with today. It was an interesting experience, I felt a little bit more normal than usual despite having very little to say myself. I was content enough to listen to their anecdotes.

I also came back all the way to Clapham Junction with a girl from my classes, who is commuting from London this year. We sat together in what I would consider companionable silence, though at this point I don’t much care if it was awkward or not.

When I got home I stole some delicious food that Emma made and chatted a bit with Ben and the like before they headed off. I’m not on the top of my game, to be honest. It is a bit hard to be when you feel out of it.

I’m going to hop into bed now. I don’t even know what to do tonight. Have a great weekend guys!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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