Day 455: The 24th of October

Today was weird. I mean, I got two tutorials out of the way, but it was just a strangely empty day overall.


reading sparkle.png
Not only was this what I was doing all day, that was also my exact face whilst doing it.

So, I have one more tutorial to prepare for this week, which will most likely be Wednesday’s work. Not only that, but I also want to get ahead with my work and write a CV to start applying for placement jobs for next year. And to top it all, as if this wasn’t a pain in the ass enough, my mother will not let this applying thing go. Let me please just try to get ahead with my actual university work before I bother worrying about this shit.

Honestly, it just stresses me out. I will get what I need to get done finished and hounding me over it is just going to slow me down. I have enough trouble just trying to get the mental energy together to sit down and prepare for my tutorials. Just… please.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be in university all day, as per usual, so I might take a book to do some reading towards my Friday tutorial. If I get the reading done I might be able to spend Wednesday doing something more productive with my life.

The thing is, I do love learning law. I do love reading the case decisions and judgments and learning the practical elements. But it seems like the lecturers are doing everything in their power to make me hate this subject. I just want to be taught the simple law. I don’t need a history lesson for an hour on William the Conqueror or any of this other bullshit! Plus, they seem to love reiterating the same point over and over again without actually telling us any of the practical stuff we will need for the exam.

I know university is about learning the wider knowledge about your subject of choice, but if that is the case why do they boil it down to a 2 hour exam per module and bombard you with reading that they know you won’t do anyway? Why have tutorials where I sit and learn nothing where I could have spent that time reading around the subject myself?

I swear, if they just gave us a list of reading and didn’t have tutorials, I would do so much more work for this course. If they just gave us the chance to do our own thinking, like they say they want us to, without having to babysit our knowledge through compulsory classes! You could still go and talk to people if you were having trouble with the work, in their office hours or whatnot! But the people who prefer to just learn by themselves without having to endure hours of social anxiety every day would have life so much easier! I would have so much more time, without needing to catch the late train home every night.

I know this rant means nothing. The system isn’t going to change, and I am still going to stick to doing a limited amount of work because I just don’t have the time or energy to bother doing any more. It’s all well and good saying to do 7 hours of reading per module per week, and I am sure that some people manage it. I just don’t know how they keep any of that knowledge in their skulls.

Anyway, I am not saying anything of worth here and I am just making myself depressed. I shall go to bed instead. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.




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