Day 457: The 26th of October

Well, today was a relaxing day. I am learning to love Wednesdays in this world of three day weeks.


I was probably meant to do more work than I did though.

So, I was planning on doing next week’s tutorials today. In fact, I did some of the reading for next week’s Policing tutorial. The only problem is that it is on content that is coming up in the next lecture. Of course, doing the reading gave me an obvious head start on the topic, so that could be useful, but it does make answering the questions correctly more of a challenge.

The other thing I spent time doing today was formatting and starting to develop my CV. This is something I have to ensure I actually get around to, so I can start applying for my placement year. However, I feel like I have a couple of very busy weeks ahead. I shall just have to find time in between the other stuff.

Tomorrow I shall probably take one of my Policing books with me to read on the train. Hopefully I can get a pretty good understanding of the tutorial and thus get it done tomorrow evening. That is the theory, anyway.

Other than that, today has been a relatively peaceful day. My mother has had a cold for the past few days and has lost her voice, I spent the day in my room, playing Overwatch and generally pissing about. All in all it was pretty great.

Anyway, I am going to sleep now. Busy day again tomorrow. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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