Day 459: The 28th of October

October is drawing swiftly to an end. And my sanity along with it. Fridays are so very painful.


maud .png
My face ends up pretty much stuck in this expression all day on Fridays. Too little sleep to care.

So I have been up since 4 AM, when I had breakfast and a mocha to try and energise myself for the day. It didn’t really work, I ended up going back and lying in bed for the next 20 minutes before I had to start getting washed for university.

Leaving at 6 AM is still nice though. Not in terms of sleep, I still feel tired as all hell, but at least you can look up and see the stars, with no light pollution in the way. The air is chill and utterly silent apart from you and you finally feel like you have true solitude. It is a nice contrast to the rest of the day.

The train was packed today, due to a shortage of carriages on it, which bothered all the commuters to no end. Luckily I still got a seat, so it wasn’t too bad. I did feel a bit bad for all of the people having to stand up all around though.

The lectures were all thrillingly dull, leaving me nodding off multiple times. This isn’t really helping my education, leaving me only taking in half of the information. The reason I get so tired, however, is because of the lack of note writing I need to do. Normally I feel tired when the lecturer spends most of the lecture talking about something obvious that I only needed to write one line on. Thus I just have to sit and listen to them reiterate the point several times to fill the time.

I’ve been awake for 20 hours. I just want to get into bed. And thus, that is what I am going to do now. Have a good weekend, ladies and gents!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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