Day 491: The 29th of November

It’s been quite the day. I must admit, my eyes are starting to ache.

Woke up at 5 AM after having a very bizarre dream about Alex trying to kill me. It felt very real at the time and was actually kind of unsettling, hearing him tell me that he didn’t like me and he was going to kill me. Also he was shapeshifting into random objects in order to sneak up on me.

The placement talk was about interview skills and was about as dull as expected. Also we had to ask and answer questions in groups, which is not the most fun thing to do at 9 AM on a Tuesday.

I managed to get into the early tutorial for my equity after my policing tutorial, which led to me getting home 2 hours earlier than usual. Some man shouted at me at Clapham Junction for getting in his way when he was trying to catch a train, because he is a dick.

Then I got back to East Grinstead, went shopping with the family and we came back here to eat dinner. While here I received another late birthday present: Final Fantasy XV! So far it is pretty entertaining, I hope the actual plot is engaging enough to keep me in it.

But for now I put down the controller because my eyes were hurting. Lack of sleep will do that to you. So I am going to get into bed. Farewell, one and all. Have a good Wednesday!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 490: The 28th of November

I don’t even know how I feel today.

There are so many things I am worrying about right now. And so many things that have been bugging me. But I don’t want to really talk about them in detail, so I won’t.

Instead I will just relay today’s events. At least, what I did. And I did my tutorial prep and also started to rewrite my CV. It is pretty much done, other than a few bits and pieces and me having to think up some positive ways to spin things I have done in my life.

Tomorrow is going to be the worst. Have to be in university for a 9 AM, which means getting up at 5 AM, like on Fridays. Plus, it is an interview skills session, so who knows what is going to be going on in there. And to top it all off, the two tutorials afterwards are the worst of the week.

All in all, looking like the worst week of the last three weeks we have. Have a good Tuesday ladies and gentlemen.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 489: The 27th of November

Today was an annoying day. I felt annoyed for quite some time. Not so much now though.

I am starting to lose the will to live with doing this tutorial work. Doing the reading is becoming more and more nonchalant and I just want to have a few weeks off. I sat there and could barely get through a third of the chapter I was meant to be reading for Policing, since it was pretty dry.

On top of that, I once again asked people about playing D&D today. I shall do it tomorrow, too, though I am sure it will equally come to naught. All I want is a response. I know people are there, but they just look at my messages and move on. It is so frustrating to be the only one messaging in a group of 8 and to know that everyone is reading your messages but they don’t care.

It was as expected though. Why should I even believe that people will respond tomorrow? Honestly if we don’t get some sort of update in the next week I may just assume that this isn’t happening.

Anyway, since I couldn’t play D&D, I instead played a significant amount of Overwatch with Tim. He is getting to be much better than he was since he started playing the game practically every day. It is fun to play with a friend for a change. Even if he has to deal with me getting annoyed every now and then.

I should probably go to bed now. I want to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and get my tutorial work finished. Maybe I will have more motivation to actually do the reading tomorrow too. Whatever the case, have a good Monday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 488: The 26th of November

Today I spent the day with my Corwin, Emma and Ben. For the most part, anyway.

It was pretty nice, all things considered. We were all playing the new Pokémon, except Corwin of course. He was pretty happy for the whole time he was around.

The day did feel pretty short though. Time flies. That is the nature of Saturdays though.

It’s really strange. I feel as if I have writer’s block, despite writing about things that actually happened today.

So, this evening I messaged people about playing D&D, since we have been setting up this game for over 2 weeks now. Turns out that the supposed DM and one of the players, who is also his significant other, were busy with housework all day. Didn’t deign to actually give anyone a heads up about this though.

Seriously, playing D&D requires a time commitment from everyone involved. It also requires people to actually respect that time commitment. I know it is just meant to be a casual, friendly thing but there are still things you should do.

We had a poll of what days people could play and the two main days where everyone is available are Saturdays and Mondays. So then, you do have some form of commitment, if you ever want this to actually happen, that you maybe give notice about whether or not you can play.

Or, hell, if the DM gave any updates at all. Don’t put yourself forward as DM if you don’t want to put in any effort towards making the game work. I, at least, would have taken a proactive role in trying to rope people in and building the game that we would be playing, rather than blowing it off as a casual thing that you can just notify people about half an hour before you start playing.

Maybe I am just taking this too seriously. But as someone who has discussed this with the others and has acted quite excited to play, it makes me feel embarrassed and annoyed to think that it might just never happen, since people won’t make a commitment. Now I look like an idiot for being one of the few to message the group on Facebook to ask for updates, just because I actually want to play.

I have my doubts about the quality of how this game is going to be DMed if it ever does happen now too. I asked about a previous game that these people did and it seemed to me to be made up completely on the fly. I guess I just thought that there had to be at least some loose story to follow. Otherwise we might as well just be chatting to each other rather than playing a game.

I may volunteer to set up a separate game with a new DM (possibly me) and those people who are actually around regularly enough and care enough to play when we are all around. I don’t mind making a world and some plot and running it all. I feel like at least it would feel vaguely like a cohesive game and people might actually care about playing.

Another thing that kind of annoyed me is that one of the other players, someone who I respect greatly and with whom I discussed many of my concerns about this game, is not going to be able to play at all. I’m not sure if this was legitimate or if he is just blowing us off to do other shit, but still it fits with the same criteria as my other annoyances: people who can’t keep commitments.

I mean, I seem to be the only person repeatedly bringing up the fact that we were meant to play D&D, despite the fact that another person was the person who set up the group to play in the first place. I don’t want to tread over old ground (too late!) but come on. Some people were excited to play a game with friends, especially to take their minds off of the last few weeks of university.

Anyway, I won’t ramble any more. I am just a silly, silly man. Instead, I will go to bed. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 487: The 25th of November

I have been awake for 20 hours now. So tired.

Friday is as painful as usual, so I am glad to be home now. The weekend is something for me to cherish now. That and the sleep that comes with it.

At least we had one tutorial cancelled today. It gave me time to sit around and play Pokémon Moon for a couple of hours instead of thinking about anyone else. And that was good.

Anyway, I can’t really think of anything this evening. So I am going to sleep instead. Have a great Saturday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 486: The 24th of November

Well, Thursday is out of the way. Bring on Friday and the end of the week.

Thursdays are the most depressing days of the week this semester, with Fridays being the most painful. Thursdays have that anticipation that tells you that there is yet worse to come before the week ends. At least you know after the pain of Friday that you have a few days to take a load off.

Honestly I am feeling pretty mentally dead as it is tonight. Not really happy or sad but just indifferent. Just want to get into bed and forget about it all for a while. I really just want to be able to have some time to myself, to sort through all of the important things I have to do like actually working towards my placement year (if it ever happens) and maybe looking up some presents for Christmas. As it is, my weeks are full and my weekends are used to try and actually inject some fun into my life, so I end up never spending any time on the important stuff.

Don’t worry though, because I get nagged plenty about how I should already be applying to tons of different companies and I should be working much harder than I am. At this stage I don’t even really care anymore. This semester feels like it has dragged on for an eternity and as usual leaves me feeling like a lazy sack of shit who should be working 100% of the time, like everyone else appears to.

Anyway, I should get into bed. I have to be up in 6 and a half hours to go back to university yet again. Joy of joys. Have a good Friday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 485: The 23rd of November

I got Pokémon Moon today! Woo!

Today was spent doing tutorial work, waiting for the post and playing Overwatch with Tim. He has been procrastinating a lot recently and he is starting to enjoy Overwatch much more than he used to, which is fair enough.

Pokémon Moon is very fun so far, though I am still only at the beginning. I am currently charging my 3DS to play some more. I will probably take it on the train with me too, since I have done my tutorial work for this week.

Anyway, I am going to have a late night bath now. Need to chill out for an hour or so.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 484: The 22nd of November

Today was pretty stressful, all things considered. A lot happened.

So I was dozing on and off from about 3 AM until about 4:30 AM this morning, due to the wind and rain howling outside the window. My alarm was set for 6 AM so that I could get in to university for the start of the law careers fair, which in hindsight was probably too early.

Anyway, I woke up fully at about 7:45 AM.

So yeah. That wasn’t the best for my sleep deprived brain to wrap its head around, but I powered on through and got washed and dressed and my sister very kindly gave me a lift to the station so I would catch the earliest train I could.

I got into university at about 10:30 AM, after the law fair had started at 10 AM. This wasn’t a huge problem, it was a fair after all and so I walked in, registered myself as present and milled around for 40 minutes, talking to a couple of the more interesting booths. In the end there were just too many people and I could barely hear what people were saying to me, so I left early.

My tutorials went as the usually go, excruciatingly slowly. Too tired to bother answering questions though.

The train journey home was another joyous 2 and a half hour affair, with periods of up to 30 minutes of just waiting at stations for trains to actually turn up. Ben gave me a lift home from the station, thankfully, otherwise I might have been even worse off.

Other than that, dinner was nice and I got to see my nephew, so there is that. All in all though, today could have gone better I suppose.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 483: The 21st of November

I’m going to keep this brief. I am already going to bed too late as it is.

So today I did quite a significant portion of work. Really, I did get a bit lazy at the end, but all in all I did enough. It took a long time too.

I am so tired. I have to be up early tomorrow to go to a Law Fair in university, which means meeting with industry professionals while having sleep deprivation. So that will be joyous. I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself, especially since I am pretty behind on my placement stuff.

Not only that, but I have two tutorials after the fair. Normally, Tuesdays aren’t too terrible: I get in, do my tutorials and get out. I’ll still have two hours to sit around and do nothing between my first and second tutorial, but it is still a giant pain.

It is going to be something. Definitely something.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 482: The 20th of November

Today was such a fun and exciting day. So much happened, which I should probably actually go into detail about for a change.

So I got up late, as I am wont to do, and I was told that I had to get washed and dressed because we were going to the cinema today. This was information brought up yesterday. We were going to watch two films, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘Doctor Strange’. My father booked the tickets yesterday, so that we were assured seats today. This is an important fact to remember.

So we get in the car, pick up my mother and head off to the cinema. We got there pretty close to the starting time, but there were no car parking spaces anywhere. We spent a good 10-15 minutes looking, before eventually driving a few minutes down the road to another car park. At this point, the film should have started, so we were running late.

We get into the cinema and go over to the automatic check in machines to get our tickets. The machine, strangely, tells us that there is no booking under our booking number. So we decide to go and talk to the people at the other desk. Upon arriving there, they inform my father that the bookings were for yesterday. Oh good.

So my mother and I went to sit down while my father spoke to the ticket people. A little while later, he came back and told us that they had moved our bookings to today, thankfully. Plus, the viewing of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ that was today was not yet started.

So, we got in and watched the film, without missing any of it and life was good. It was a very good film, as are most that I watch. I enjoyed it.

Anyway, after that we went and ate. That was also nice. I had a chicken burger and it was joyous. I love food, despite only having one meal a day usually.

Then we headed back to the cinema for the second film of the day, ‘Doctor Strange’. That one went off without a hitch and was also excellent. Love a bit of Broccoli Candyman, he was a good lead actor.

Then we came home and went to bed. And that is where I am now. I have had a small headache for a little while now, but that should go away soon, since I shall be going to bed. Before that I might just have a small rant about university.

So, the last week has been ridiculous in its workload. I mean, maybe I am just an entitled douche, but I haven’t had a break from work all week, until today. I have had a bit of work to do every day, due to the 4 formatives we had to do. And I still haven’t done the 4th.

So, I spent Monday and Tuesday doing my Tort law formative coursework, Wednesday revising for my Public law formative exam, Thursday in university all day doing the Public law exam and then a Tort lecture and Friday revising for my Equity and Trusts formative exam, which I actually wrote yesterday. Plus I have two tutorials to prepare for Tuesday, as well as my Policing formative exam to do for Tuesday. Unless I used my whole weekend to work as well, there is no way it would be possible to do all the work.

That is especially true given that the reading for the Policing tutorial this week is apparently over 100 pages of the textbook. The textbook that takes a few minutes at least to read a page.

No wonder students give up on doing their tutorial reading. It gets in the way of every part of your life and you start thinking that if you can only do part of the work, why bother doing any of it, since the questions they ask might be completely different to the reading that you did manage to do anyway. Besides, someone else in the tutorial will answer the questions for you anyway.

They actually told us to speak with other people in the tutorials about splitting up the reading into parts so that we could all read a part and then share the knowledge with the rest of the group. That says a lot. Not only do I barely speak to most of the people in my tutorials, I have no guarantee that they would get the relevant information, or summarise it in a useful manner. It is just an excuse to get away with setting far too much reading.

Besides, I am probably going to do a lot of reading over the holidays, where I don’t have to stress over deadlines or coming into university every other day. I can just get my head down and try to understand all the reading without being judged by how fast I can do it.

Anyway, that is my little rant done. I shall just try to do as much of the work as I can tomorrow. If I don’t do enough, I have plenty of excuses. No laptop, 3 other formatives to work on, having a life outside of university and actually wanting a weekend to myself being among them.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.