Day 484: The 22nd of November

Today was pretty stressful, all things considered. A lot happened.

So I was dozing on and off from about 3 AM until about 4:30 AM this morning, due to the wind and rain howling outside the window. My alarm was set for 6 AM so that I could get in to university for the start of the law careers fair, which in hindsight was probably too early.

Anyway, I woke up fully at about 7:45 AM.

So yeah. That wasn’t the best for my sleep deprived brain to wrap its head around, but I powered on through and got washed and dressed and my sister very kindly gave me a lift to the station so I would catch the earliest train I could.

I got into university at about 10:30 AM, after the law fair had started at 10 AM. This wasn’t a huge problem, it was a fair after all and so I walked in, registered myself as present and milled around for 40 minutes, talking to a couple of the more interesting booths. In the end there were just too many people and I could barely hear what people were saying to me, so I left early.

My tutorials went as the usually go, excruciatingly slowly. Too tired to bother answering questions though.

The train journey home was another joyous 2 and a half hour affair, with periods of up to 30 minutes of just waiting at stations for trains to actually turn up. Ben gave me a lift home from the station, thankfully, otherwise I might have been even worse off.

Other than that, dinner was nice and I got to see my nephew, so there is that. All in all though, today could have gone better I suppose.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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