Day 488: The 26th of November

Today I spent the day with my Corwin, Emma and Ben. For the most part, anyway.

It was pretty nice, all things considered. We were all playing the new Pokémon, except Corwin of course. He was pretty happy for the whole time he was around.

The day did feel pretty short though. Time flies. That is the nature of Saturdays though.

It’s really strange. I feel as if I have writer’s block, despite writing about things that actually happened today.

So, this evening I messaged people about playing D&D, since we have been setting up this game for over 2 weeks now. Turns out that the supposed DM and one of the players, who is also his significant other, were busy with housework all day. Didn’t deign to actually give anyone a heads up about this though.

Seriously, playing D&D requires a time commitment from everyone involved. It also requires people to actually respect that time commitment. I know it is just meant to be a casual, friendly thing but there are still things you should do.

We had a poll of what days people could play and the two main days where everyone is available are Saturdays and Mondays. So then, you do have some form of commitment, if you ever want this to actually happen, that you maybe give notice about whether or not you can play.

Or, hell, if the DM gave any updates at all. Don’t put yourself forward as DM if you don’t want to put in any effort towards making the game work. I, at least, would have taken a proactive role in trying to rope people in and building the game that we would be playing, rather than blowing it off as a casual thing that you can just notify people about half an hour before you start playing.

Maybe I am just taking this too seriously. But as someone who has discussed this with the others and has acted quite excited to play, it makes me feel embarrassed and annoyed to think that it might just never happen, since people won’t make a commitment. Now I look like an idiot for being one of the few to message the group on Facebook to ask for updates, just because I actually want to play.

I have my doubts about the quality of how this game is going to be DMed if it ever does happen now too. I asked about a previous game that these people did and it seemed to me to be made up completely on the fly. I guess I just thought that there had to be at least some loose story to follow. Otherwise we might as well just be chatting to each other rather than playing a game.

I may volunteer to set up a separate game with a new DM (possibly me) and those people who are actually around regularly enough and care enough to play when we are all around. I don’t mind making a world and some plot and running it all. I feel like at least it would feel vaguely like a cohesive game and people might actually care about playing.

Another thing that kind of annoyed me is that one of the other players, someone who I respect greatly and with whom I discussed many of my concerns about this game, is not going to be able to play at all. I’m not sure if this was legitimate or if he is just blowing us off to do other shit, but still it fits with the same criteria as my other annoyances: people who can’t keep commitments.

I mean, I seem to be the only person repeatedly bringing up the fact that we were meant to play D&D, despite the fact that another person was the person who set up the group to play in the first place. I don’t want to tread over old ground (too late!) but come on. Some people were excited to play a game with friends, especially to take their minds off of the last few weeks of university.

Anyway, I won’t ramble any more. I am just a silly, silly man. Instead, I will go to bed. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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