Day 491: The 29th of November

It’s been quite the day. I must admit, my eyes are starting to ache.

Woke up at 5 AM after having a very bizarre dream about Alex trying to kill me. It felt very real at the time and was actually kind of unsettling, hearing him tell me that he didn’t like me and he was going to kill me. Also he was shapeshifting into random objects in order to sneak up on me.

The placement talk was about interview skills and was about as dull as expected. Also we had to ask and answer questions in groups, which is not the most fun thing to do at 9 AM on a Tuesday.

I managed to get into the early tutorial for my equity after my policing tutorial, which led to me getting home 2 hours earlier than usual. Some man shouted at me at Clapham Junction for getting in his way when he was trying to catch a train, because he is a dick.

Then I got back to East Grinstead, went shopping with the family and we came back here to eat dinner. While here I received another late birthday present: Final Fantasy XV! So far it is pretty entertaining, I hope the actual plot is engaging enough to keep me in it.

But for now I put down the controller because my eyes were hurting. Lack of sleep will do that to you. So I am going to get into bed. Farewell, one and all. Have a good Wednesday!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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