Day 493: The 1st of December

Right, just a quick one as per usual on a Thursday night. Got to be up at 5 AM.

Today was very good. I felt positive all day and managed to talk and interact with people without any regrets, which makes a change. I think it was just nice to get up and have a reasonably warm room, due to having my window closed and the sun shining. Plus it was relatively warm all day in comparison with earlier in the week. Was above freezing at least.

The trains were also running incredibly smoothly today, at least for me. Some lucky timing allowed me to have practically no waiting time on the journey home, despite a power cut at Guildford station. Exciting times.

The lectures were also interesting for a change. I think that partially came from my already positive mindset today, which I don’t really understand myself. Maybe it is to do with it being December now. Got to love December, it is the month where my life has always been at its most enjoyable. Holidays and presents combine to form the greatest time.

Anyway, that is about it for tonight. I shall now get into bed – before 10 PM for a change. Have a great Friday everyone and look forward to the coming weekend.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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