Day 497: The 5th of December

Another short day. I guess I can say I am enjoying having the time to have a lie in.

I did my tutorial preparation and played Overwatch and Final Fantasy today. That was pretty much all I did, too. Admittedly I got up at midday, so there wasn’t a huge amount of time to fill. I have only been up for around 12 hours now.

My mother and I had steak for dinner and then had some of the nice cheese that we had recently purchased. I also had a nice hot mug of milk in the evening to drink while I did nothing of value. It was nice.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another couple of days of striking. Then next week the real stuff kicks off, with full train closures due to the drivers deciding to butt in on this piece of action. At least next week doesn’t matter to me really.

Anyway, I should get into bed. I will be getting up to go into university tomorrow, as per usual. Hopefully it isn’t a very long day. I would like to leave while the sun is still up, which should be possible if I sneak into the earlier tutorial session again.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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