Day 498: The 6th of December

Another interesting day. Lots of walking and not too much work.

Southern Rail is striking once again this week, which means delays all over the place. Today I got into my tutorial 5-10 minutes late because I missed the train into Guildford, but at least tutorials are easy to catch up in. Plus, I only had 2 hours of university to do before I strolled back to the station and caught the train home, so it was pretty solid.

On another note, I am actually rather pleased that most, if not all of the trains next week are being cancelled. Just another reason not to come in for the final week of the semester. That is what happens when the drivers also decide to just throw in the towel for the year though.

I played quite a significant amount of Pokémon Moon today too. A couple of hours on the train to and from university and then a few more hours whilst lounging about at home. I managed to beat two trials and get to the final area of the second island, which was quite a lot of content. I need to go back and collect some of the rarer Pokémon that spawn in some of the areas though.

Anyway, I am going to get into bed now. It is getting rather late. Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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