Day 499: The 7th of December

Today was a mighty fine day. Almost made me think the holidays had already arrived.

I woke up at 9 AM and then went back to sleep until 10 AM when I really needed to pee. After that I hopped back into bed and played Pokémon for half an hour while Grey cat sat on me until Michael came over.

He had the day off work, so we casually spent most of the day together. We had pizza for lunch and then played Final Fantasy and engaged in the usual witty banter. Eventually he had to go and pick up Jenny from work, so I used the time I had before everyone else got back to write up my tutorial work. It still needs to get done even if this is the last week I will need to really do it.

After that, Emma and Mother came back with Corwin and they prepared to go out to eat in the evening. This left me and Ben to take care of Corwin, who was being especially loud and fussy for a change. Ah well, he went to sleep eventually while I played a bit more Final Fantasy with Ben. After the ladies got back they all headed off home and mum and I went to bed. Luckily, this gives me lots of solid YouTube content to watch this evening, instead of me using it all up throughout the day.

I shall go to sleep relatively soon, since I do have to go into university still. The last two proper days of university are ahead. Have a good Thursday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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