Day 501: The 9th of December

Well, there is no way I can top yesterday’s post in terms of depth, but at the very least I can report something dramatically good.

I have finished university for this year! I cannot go in next week due to the train driver strike, plus it is only a final revision week anyway. That means I get to start my holidays a week earlier, even though I will be likely working on my coursework anyway. This just gives me more time to finally get round to the things I have wanted to do for a long time.

As far as the day went, it was pretty solid. Since I didn’t go in for my 9 AM lecture I got an extra 3 hours in bed, which is always a lovely bonus. Plus it meant I got to drink a cup of tea, eat some toast and see my nephew and my sister before I headed off.

The lecture was alright and the tutorials were actually equally bearable, so I must say it was a good end to the semester. It might just be my positive attitude that leads me to say that though. I’m sure I would be less enthusiastic if I had one more week to do.

I think I might get into bed now though. It is 1 AM, so it wouldn’t go amiss to get some sleep. I may first play a bit more of Pokémon now, since I don’t really need to wake up hugely early tomorrow for a change.

Anyway, enough of my gloating. Have a great Saturday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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