Day 504: The 12th of December

Today was a day that felt very full to this man.

I spent the majority of the day watching Corwin whilst Emma worked on Christmas stuff and dinner. That was fine, though my arms do start to ache after holding the little guy for a while. I am going to end up with large muscles eventually.

Dinner was extremely delicious. I especially love dauphinoise potatoes, which are pretty much the best form of potatoes full-stop. And that is saying something, since I am rather partial to a baked / jacket potato.

I ordered a couple of the presents I need to get today, with the rest probably being ordered tomorrow if I can get some time to speak to certain individuals about them. This is probably the most prepared I have been for Christmas, and I am still pretty unprepared. I am just generally terrible at picking out presents for people though, so that is on me.

Anyway, I am going to get into bed now I think. Another busy day tomorrow no doubt.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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