Day 505: The 13th of December

Today was… something. It happened and it wasn’t all terrible, but it was definitely a strange one.

I woke up very late, approaching 1:30 PM if not a bit later. That was a bit weird to begin with, but whatever, I guess I needed the sleep. I eventually got out of bed and had a long bath for about an hour. I just really felt like I needed to relax, I felt really stressed and just not very happy at the time.

I did get a chance to do some of my own stuff though, which kind of made me feel better. Final Fantasy was an enjoyable escape for an hour or two and I also played some of the Overwatch Christmas event. Some good skins have been added.

Just really haven’t had much of a desire to get out of bed for a little while. I don’t want to be the person bringing up D&D yet again on the Skype group either. I’ve done my part and I don’t want to sacrifice my normally easy-going nature over this any more. Just have to hope that when Michael is done with his work he can talk us into it now, otherwise I might as well resign to the reality of it never happening yet again.

This shit is making me seem like even more of a needy prick than usual. Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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