Day 506: The 14th of December

The days slowly blend into each other. Still stressing out a little over presents.

I mean, at this stage what is there to say? Nothing new, at least regarding what I did today. Let us instead mention my current present status. So, I have presents for almost everyone in the family ordered and on their way and most of my friends will be receiving digital gifts on Steam most likely over the Christmas Steam sale. There are a couple of people who I am meeting before Christmas who I think would prefer some form of physical gift, but that does require me to actually think for a change.

I should really start thinking about this stuff prior to December, huh? Next year I will try to keep a list of presents going from the start of the year to make this all that much easier. You never know what stuff you will see and then forget about before Christmas rolls around.

I’ll finish it all up tomorrow. I keep saying that, but I mean it this time. Shouldn’t be too much of a challenge if I just take some time to think about things.

Anyway, I am getting cold feet (literally) so I am going to go and hide under my covers from the next day. Have a good Thursday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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