Day 507: The 15th of December

Well today was another pretty busy day. Not much time to sit around in my room and deal with stuff.

Today, Corwin was round at our house all day whilst my sister went up to her work Christmas event in London. He was not keen on this idea, unfortunately, and decided to not eat and to essentially cry for the whole day.

So that woke me up from my snoozing I was doing this morning, as I lay in bed deciding whether or not to get up. I decided I had better see what was going on, which dragged me into the trial of trying to calm down my nephew.

In the end, it wasn’t too bad really. I even managed to order the present I was trying to find today, leaving me feeling pretty good about this whole Christmas business. There are some other bits I could do with picking up, but none of them are essential really. All of that stuff is done and most of it is sitting in my room waiting for me to bother wrapping it.

And that is really the majority of the stress of the event dealt with. So that is good. The rest of the holiday’s stress is still to come, what with coursework and exam revision to be getting on with sooner rather than later. Still, it will all get done eventually.

Let’s go to bed now though. I don’t want to think about university for at least a little while longer. Have a good Friday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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