Day 512: The 20th of December

Today was so satisfying and relieving. I feel like I have finally realised what I really needed over this past week.

I woke up and went back to sleep, since I was still very tired this morning. I decided not to feel too guilty about that though, since I always do and it just makes me miserable for the rest of the day if I beat myself up over it. When I did get up, I turned on my computer, went offline on Skype and got washed and dressed before sitting down and playing a significant amount of The Sims 4.

It was so nice to not have to worry about the notifications from Skype every five minutes and it really just gave me time to forget about all of the minor dramas that have been happening recently. Plus I have started my own sort of version of a legacy challenge, where I am going to try to make a long lineage of sims and build up their fortunes from the ground up, which sounds like it will be great fun. My founder is already well on his way to becoming a top-class painter.

In the evening I had dinner with the family, including Emma, Ben and Corwin. Everyone seemed pretty happy, which was especially nice. We also had a nice conversation about some of the major flaws of Death Note, an anime that was really one of the first I ever watched. I personally must say that it is terribly overrated as a show, but that might just be me being a hipster, eh?

After everyone left, I played a little bit more Sims and then I decided that I might as well play some Overwatch ranked. And, while we did lose both matches I played, I had a really good time. It is still a very fun game, especially when I get into the zone and manage to do some crazy moves. Even if we still don’t win.

Now, it is pretty late and I need to do my medication before I go to bed. But I shall probably be heading off straight after that. Often I have thought about just staying up, since I have had real trouble sleeping recently, but I feel like it would be a slippery slope. Anyway, have a good Wednesday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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