Day 515: The 23rd of December

Well, at the time of writing it is now technically Christmas Eve. I’m sure I will have a lot to talk about on tomorrow’s post though, so we will leave that where it is.

I guess the highlight of the day and what I shall talk about in this post is Alex’s party shindig that he had tonight. I must say it was a really great time, at least for me. I drank a relatively large amount of alcohol for me though, so I was feeling pretty buzzed for a significant amount of the time. Good times.

I got more presents than expected, as well. That was a fun walk home, with both arms full of gifts at about 1 AM. Just slightly terrifying, in my very slightly tipsy state. I made it back though and now I have drank a pint and a half of water so I am stone cold sober again.

The guests? Pretty good. A lot of people I love seeing, though one of my best mates wasn’t there. It was probably for the best though, he is known for not being the most cheery person to have around. Plus it gave me more time to spend with all of the people who I otherwise may not have spoken to much.

So, all in all, the party was pretty good. I also got the guys to do at least a little bit of the cleaning before we were kicked out, just to help out Alex from having to deal with that shit the night before Christmas.

Also today I did all of the wrapping I needed to do, so I am feeling pretty confident for Christmas Day. Still need to purchase some stuff on Steam for some people, but that shouldn’t be hard. The rest of my time was spent on The Sims, having a chill time.

Today was a good day. Have a great Christmas Eve everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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