Day 516: The 24th of December

Merry Christmas, everyone! Another Christmas Eve has arrived!

Today is one of the two most magical days of the year, at least for me, so I am admittedly fairly pumped. It is a day of wearing my silly jumper, hanging out with the close family and eating copious amounts of food. It is especially good since we have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, so we have already enjoyed our turkey.

There is no other time of year where everyone gathers in the house to laugh, watch television and play games together and that is really what makes Christmas for me. I guess part of the reason I love it so much is because we have so many young people around, since I am the third child and all. Gives you plenty to talk about all day long.

Of course, there is extra magic coming tomorrow, when we get to receive our presents. Exciting times indeed! Some of my friends are acting like their usual party-pooper selves, but that won’t stop me from enjoying myself.

Anyway, I had better jump into bed, else I won’t wake up tomorrow morning in time for the excitement. Can’t be dealing with that! Have a great Christmas Day everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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