Day 521: The 29th of December

Well, I went out this evening with the group. I honestly am not sure if I embarrassed myself or not. Ah well.

It was Thursday curry club at Wetherspoons today, so we did the usual and met up for a curry and some drinks. This lead to drinking until the place closed at 11 PM, followed by an hour and a half of walking around in the freezing cold to drop everyone off home. I love our meetups, as long as I get a reasonable heads-up on them.

At this particular meetup there were a fair number of girls who I haven’t seen in quite some time. It was nice to catch up, though I always worry that I am being annoying. It seemed like they liked the evening, though it is hard to say for sure.

During our cold walk my hair froze on my head and I also had a long and fairly peaceful conversation with Canada, which was nice. I have learnt that I do find one to one conversations far easier, which I started to notice since I have been at university. It is just so much easier to focus on what you are actually talking about, or not talking about in this case.

Anyway, I am home now, after drinking a pint or so of water. Did not really drink enough for it to matter, but it is best to stay on the safe side when it comes to dehydration. And now I am going to sleep. Tomorrow I feel like I might talk to some people. I’d like a second opinion on tonight. Have a good Friday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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