Day 523: The 31st of December

Well, 2016 has finally drawn to a close. I guess it is at last time to refresh my memory of what I was thinking last year at this time.

‘There is also going to be, as usual, a lot of international problems. That is a given in the current global climate, unfortunately. And as mean as it sounds, I just hope nothing too bad reaches the shores of Britain. I quite like this place.’

That is a classic quote from last year’s (and the first) New Year’s Eve blog post. And my word, how right I apparently was. I read back on my post from all those days ago and I feel that I was a much more innocent soul, with a lot more optimism for the future. Really, he feels like a whole different person than me now.

But, regardless, what has happened in my life this year and what are my predictions for next year? That is the real question.

Last Year

It was quite the year, wasn’t it. My nephew being born was perhaps the greatest highlight for me, though I also got through my first year of university, had a good long summer holiday and then start second year. Quite frankly that is all I really remember about it, which kind of shows you just how much I want to forget about this year.

It has been a year of feeling horribly miserable, really. There have been good patches, but as far as I recall, I have been less than happy all year. And that is no fun, really. Maybe it is just the mainstream cynicism that has been going around recently, maybe it is just something to do with me, but regardless of the reason, it has been a fairly awful year.

Predictions for the Future

Well, I don’t want to jinx it, but I want to say that 2017 will do us proud and actually be better than 2016. Of course, it is unlikely, given all of the political and international upheaval that will continue for another 5 – 10 years, most likely. So that will likely take up most of the best years of my life. Great.

What about me personally, in the year to come? Well, I pray that I will actually pass all of my exams for this upcoming January and then manage to survive semester 2. I also hope that I pull myself out of this lazy stupor and actually try to get a placement. We can only pray that I can manage it.

On a social front, I don’t expect much. Unlike last year’s predictions, this year I feel like I will continue to coast on the social scene, barely interacting in it personally but to help others through their various issues. I want to hope that I could actually meet some new people.

What else? Corwin will be 1 year old this year and will likely be walking and talking by the time that I get around to writing my predictions for 2018. He is a great kid and I look forward to seeing him grow up.


If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past year, it is that I am terrible at keeping up my resolutions. Well, except the one regarding this blog. Yes, for better or for worse, I am going to keep writing this blog. Sometimes it does feel like a great chore to write these posts, but it is a matter of principle. Besides, maybe one day I will lower the veil on what my true thoughts are. Maybe when I have made most people stop reading through sheer boredom.

I want to get on top of presents for people this year, as I was saying last year. I still managed to screw up that a lot, though at least I managed to get most important people something.

I think partially why I can’t think of anything really positive is that I have a throbbing headache, I have work due in on the 9th and three exams up and coming in January. It does sap the festive spirit from you pretty well.

Well, I’ll leave you with something at least a little bit positive, I guess. Despite all the terrible things in the past, and the many to come, just remember that as long as you live, you are still in the running for ‘world’s oldest person’. And that is good.

Have a good New Year’s Day, everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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