Day 528: The 5th of January

I write this late at night, after finally having a chill day. Well, until this evening.

I woke up this morning feeling mostly better and extremely happy, so I may have put off doing my coursework for many, many hours. It was great. I watched videos, shaved and cleaned myself up after my days of illness and I no longer look like a homeless version of myself.

I chilled out with the family a bit too, since I finally feel almost well enough to actually be around them. I ate and it actually tasted good. That is a great feeling. My nose is also almost clear. I still have a tickle in my throat though, the last remnants of my illness lingering on for a bit longer.

So, about this evening. Since about 10 PM, I have been finally actually writing my coursework. It is now coming up to 3 AM and I have completely finished my first draft of the problem question, which will likely only need mild editing in maybe a day, when I can approach it with a clear head. That was 1500 words of law, written and cited as best as I could remember. It isn’t bad, as far as I can tell.

I’m just happy that I can move on to the second part of this coursework. Three days to nail the essay side of this question and then I can hand it in and start revision for exams. Feeling pretty confident at the moment, though we shall see if it lasts. Tomorrow should be a fairly chilled day of planning, reading articles and occasionally indulging in something fun.

As for now though, I should sleep. It is late now, though I did get a lot of useful stuff done for a change. Have a good Friday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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