Day 536: The 13th of January

Well, got down and dirty with the Public law revision today.

It took a while to get started properly though. That’s what happens when you start feeling unwell for the second time in two weeks. Almost knocked me out for the whole day, with me nodding in and out of consciousness, but eventually Ben and I managed to get through part 1 of Public.

Tomorrow I hope to get the majority of Public done. That will leave me with Sunday to work on getting all of the Policing into my brain and then I can finish up my revision of Public on Monday evening. In theory, after Monday and Tuesday are done, we will be on the final stretch. A week or so to revise for one final exam. Shouldn’t be nearly as bad as a week to revise for two.

I just hope that I start feeling better and that the weather clears up before next week. Could really make it a pain to get to university if I have to walk through the ice all the way to the train station.

Anyway, I am going to bed reasonably early tonight because I am still feeling exhausted. Have a good Saturday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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