Day 545: The 22nd of January

So, night before the final exam of this exam season now. How am I feeling?

Honestly, not too bad. I think I have enough knowledge to be able to answer the questions at this stage, mainly through a huge weight of cases. Seriously, this module has so many cases that all overlap and interlink in really annoying ways. Just got finished revising the last two topics of the module, so they should be good.

I may revise some of the previous topics again while I lie in bed tonight. I find that it soothes my nerves and I often remember those cases pretty well in the exam. It also just lets me know that I do actually know them, most of the time, so there isn’t too much to worry about.

In fact, the worst part of tomorrow is the trains. Another conductor’s strike tomorrow, means I will probably be doing a lot more changing than normal. Shouldn’t matter in terms of getting into university though, I have been getting in an hour and a half early for the exams consistently for the past two. If I do the same, even if I am slightly delayed I should be within time.

Before I go to sleep tonight we have the usual ritual of checking my seat number, the time and location of the exam and what time I need to leave to catch the train. If all goes well, tomorrow should be the last day of agony I shall have to suffer for at least a little while.

Anyway, let’s head off and sort out the last bits. Have a good Monday everyone and wish me luck for this exam. This time tomorrow I should be facing this blog post, relieved to be done.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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