Day 548: The 25th of January

Today was nice.

I woke up to my mother bringing me a lovely buttered crumpet in the morning, before she headed out for the day. That was a good start, followed up by a bath and generally getting clean.

Played a number of games today, including a new playthrough of Dishonoured 2, which I am running through on high chaos, killing people instead of merely knocking them out. It is rather liberating to be able to just cut a bloody swath through the enemies, especially with the power to stop time. Very enjoyable.

Mother made a new batch of her homemade soup today too. It is very nice, a pretty good batch this time. Sometimes I can find it a bit too thick for my tastes but it is nice and smooth and delicious, with lots of meatballs.

So that was today. A nice day indeed. And now I make my exit. Have a very fine Thursday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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