Day 549: The 26th of January

I have finally rekindled my enjoyment of Overwatch.

All it took is a bit of switching it up, playing other heroes who I enjoy and generally not taking it as seriously. It also helped that I now have 3 of the new legendary skins for this event. Good times.

I also saw Corwin today, who was looking happy. Seemed to be in a good mood for most of the time, but that might just be because I was upstairs for a lot of the evening.

Finished up tonight with a nice hot chocolate, using up the last of my special Christmas hot chocolate powder. Ah well, it was very enjoyable while it lasted.

And now, I depart. I am going to try to wake up earlier tomorrow and thus have a longer day. We shall see how this goes. Have a good Friday.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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