Day 557: The 3rd of February

Y’know, all-in-all it has been a fairly nice break from university.

It’s almost time to get back to it once again at this stage, with only this weekend to go. I have really no idea how this semester may go, we shall have to wait and see. At least I have two days off to get my work done mid-week, so tutorial-wise things shouldn’t be so stressful. In theory.

Today was a slow day. I played some Chrono Trigger, had a bath, shaved and had a nice hot lunch in the daytime, followed by just chilling out in the evening. Of course throughout the day I monitored my Fire Emblem Heroes, so I am doing pretty well. Been using up a lot of stamina.

I blame Jake for my bad sleeping habits. It is always when I end up talking to him that I end up going to sleep much later. Last night I went to bed before 1 AM and actually went to sleep fairly rapidly. Tonight shall no doubt be a different story.

I am, admittedly, a bit worried about going back to university. Just the same as always, yet it is sad to leave behind days of being able to do whatever you want. I shall be trying to put my best foot forward this semester however, with writing up important notes early instead of putting them off until exam time. I tried last semester, but I gave it up fairly rapidly when I got behind with tutorials. This time will be different, with the 5 hour gap between lectures on Thursdays for the first two weeks. That will give me plenty of time to do tutorial preparation and revision note writing early.

Let’s try to actually stick to that this semester, shall we? I imagine it won’t always go that way, but I can try. First though, I should go to bed. Still two days left of peace before we begin. Have a very good Saturday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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