Day 558: The 4th of February

What did I even do today?

I honestly can’t remember what I did after I woke up this morning. I guess I stayed in bed for a little while, playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Ah yes, then I went downstairs and made something to eat. I was watching some YouTube videos while having lunch, which was pleasant.

After that I came upstairs and played some more Chrono Trigger. I’m into the last main stretch of the game, with only side quests left to do before the endgame and then new game+. Should be good when I get around to it.

Shall be going to sleep very soon, since there is a distinct possibility that I will be going out tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a good Sunday and enjoys this last day of the weekend. I know I personally find Sundays to be the most depressing day of the week.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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