Day 561: The 7th of February

It was shameful how late I got up today. Truly shameful.

Woke up at about 3 PM. Turned over and hit the light button on my alarm clock and the face lights up with the time. At that stage, you don’t really desire to lie in bed any longer. So I got up instead. I honestly don’t even know how I slept that long, I didn’t go to bed any later than usual.

Anyway, I still tried to make the most of the day. I finished watching the first season of the show I have been watching and faffed about on Overwatch and Chrono Trigger for a while. Still, I have currently been awake for all of 10 hours, so I have no idea how going to bed is going to go for me.

Ate some delicious pizza with the gang, as you do. I didn’t pay for it this time, but it still tasted pretty good. Especially since I had basically not eaten today, given that I woke up after lunch time. Just the way these things go, really.

I think I will get into bed after I finish this post, just because I should. I have a couple of videos to listen to while I lie there, so it should be alright. Just going to set my alarm for tomorrow as well. And I hope you all also have a good Wednesday, as I hope mine will be.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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