Day 565: The 11th of February

Ah, the weekend. I can get back to modding and such.

So, yes. Today I did a bit more modding of Oblivion and it is basically at a state where I am happy to play it now. I need to do some testing to see if there are any major issues, like CTDs, but other than that I have about all the mods I want.

I was a bit more conservative of my mods this time around, only going with a couple of essentials in each category. It stills builds up to a lot of mods, but no where near as bad as when I downloaded practically every weapon mod on the Nexus page. My thoughts are that if I see something I really want to change I can always go look for a mod at a later time. I may do so with the water, since I noticed it was a little bit flat.

I also played a lot more For Honour. Took a while to get my head round it, but I am having a lot of fun. A friendly player gave me lots of good advice on how to fight better, so now I feel like I am much more proficient at the combat. There are times when I get a little bit frustrated: being stunlocked in a corner usually does that. Still, it seems pretty solid.

It was a quiet day overall though, pretty much just rested. Hope everyone else had a fine day too. Have a good Sunday.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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