Day 574: The 20th of February

What a day. I was irrationally angry for a long time.

So Southern Rail wouldn’t allow me to order my tickets online last night or this morning, despite me getting a call from the fraud squad this morning and verifying the purchase. Ended up having to withdraw some money on the way to the station and pay with that.

Trains were alright, lecture was pretty bad. I got through it barely understanding anything, which is a sentiment shared with most of those I spoke to. Then I got the train home.

Walked back from the station and ate at long last and started to feel a little less frustrated. I still am though. I can feel myself being noticeably worse at otherwise easy tasks. Probably for the best that I write this evening off and get some sleep.

It has been a day. Let’s hope you all have a good day tomorrow though, eh?

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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