Day 576: The 22nd of February

Another day, another dungeon.

And by that I mean it was a day of doing partially work, partially looking after Corwin. I started the day off by hitting Reputation 2 on For Honour, then I finished Tort and had a nice long bath.

After that it was mainly looking after Corwin, with a side of doing some Equity. Still need to finish the last few questions off tomorrow, but that shouldn’t take long.

Writing this post rather early for me, at 9:30 PM. Got to sleep soon, since I am up at 5 AM yet again. Hopefully I can get a reasonable amount of sleep for a change and thus survive the days ahead.

Anyway, shan’t be long before the morning comes. Let us all have a very fine night’s sleep and a good Thursday. God knows mine won’t be good.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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