Day 594: The 12th of March

I just want this semester to be done with already.

Today was another slow working day, going through as much of my tutorial prep as I could stomach. I’ve decided I’ll finish up what I need to get done tomorrow night, since I can’t be bothered right now.

Going to be a joyous time ahead though, really. Tuesday and Wednesday are planned as EU formative work days, which leaves any remaining free time I have to revise for my Tort on Friday. Not really the 12 hours she had in mind, but fuck her, really.

EU sounds like it is going to be a huge pain, despite being only a mere 1000 words. The main issue boils down to understanding the question and actually being able to find references. None of those things are fun to do. Honestly, this semester pretty much only has one fun module and, as I have previously stated, my tutor for that module is delusional. God damn it.

Ah well, not long now until it’s done, really. We are more than halfway through the semester now, coming into week 6 of 10. Week 7 has no tutorials, so that should be significantly nicer, then we have week 8 and a month off. Of course, we are all pretty sure that the summatives will be released prior to that point, meaning that the month off will actually probably be spend working on summative work.

There are a surprising number of people who wish that they just finished off the semester now and then gave us all the time off at once, prior to the summative deadlines. I don’t really mind, I could use a break from all of this really.

Anyway, it is time for me to sleep. I’ve been told I moan too much, so I probably shouldn’t keep this up. Have a good Monday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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