Day 602: The 20th of March

Honestly, I am so irresponsible.

Just spent a relatively large amount of money on myself. I never really buy physical stuff for myself, I always feel really guilty, so this makes an interesting change. I guess I always worry that people will be annoyed at how I spend my money.

I decided this morning not to care too much, since it is after all mine to use as I want. Plus there are some people I know who are even more frivolous with their money, which has rather amusing outcomes at times.

The day was alright, though I didn’t particularly feel like going in to uni. Sounds like practically everyone is feeling the same way. We’re all tired of this semester by now. Lucky that we have some time off after next week. Gives us time to work on coursework and recharge for the final couple of weeks after Easter.

Anyway, going to probably chill for most of tomorrow, maybe plan up my Policing formative if I am feeling spicy. Should be a nice day, all things going well. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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