Day 604: The 22nd of March

Well, didn’t get quite as much done as I wanted to.

Woke up late and spent a significant period of time getting lunch and cleaning myself. When I eventually did sit down, I wrote up my tutorial work for Policing next week. That leaves three more tutorials and a formative to do.

Luckily, with the short amount of time that I have to be in on Friday, I can probably get a couple more tutorials done then. That will leave me in a good position to work on my formative over the weekend and next week. It still probably won’t be too great, but I have resigned myself to that now.

My sister and nephew are staying with us tonight, since Ben is away on work-related business. I do hope I don’t wake them up tomorrow morning when I am stumbling about at 5 AM. We can only hope, really.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of nothingness. I am tempted to take in my laptop and get some work done. That would probably be a wise move, really. I’ll most likely take it in as a backup plan, in case the others don’t attempt to drag me off for a long journey into Guildford. Let’s just hope that the hard drive doesn’t pop out of its slot this time. That was a scary time.

Anyway, I should probably go to sleep. Tomorrow has to be done regardless, so I might as well do it with as much sleep as I can get. Enjoy Thursday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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