Day 610: The 28th of March

Woooo! It arrived!

Well, my productivity was shot in the foot a little bit today. I still essentially got my tutorials done, but in regards to my formative, that ain’t going so well. Not really sure whether it is worth doing, really. The consensus appears to be that it isn’t really practical, but at the same time I’d feel really bad about not doing it.

I dunno, we shall have to see what tomorrow brings. If I can crack down and get some work done, that would be cool, but otherwise I won’t think of it as an urgently important thing. I mean, I am basically not going to get my feedback from it anyway, according to what we were previously told.

Been playing Legend of Zelda for a few hours today, though I have put my Switch back on its dock for now. Shall probably be going to sleep soon, feeling too tired to play it much more today. It’s also really hot in my room for some reason, despite having the windows open. Shall try to cool off.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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