Day 611: The 29th of March

Today was great fun!

I did do some planning for my Policing formative, though in the end that is all I did towards it. I honestly don’t see the need to do it at this stage in the year and the uni isn’t going to do anything about it. It isn’t that important.

Instead, I played Zelda. With Emma. I let her make a new account on my Switch so that she could have a whirl on it. I get almost the same level of enjoyment out of watching others play as I do when I play myself, so I have no problem with her playing for as long as she desired.

I mean, that is the thing. Games are generally much more fun when you are around other people who enjoy them. I remember having far more fun on Just Cause 3 when Ben and I played it together, simply because we could have a laugh over it.

On the other hand, playing solo has its perks too. You can really get immersed in the experience, with headphones and nothing else to distract you. So it is enjoyable either way.

It is also just nice to show off my skills, solve puzzles together and experience new things at the same time as someone else. As someone who watches a lot of live reaction / commentary videos on YouTube, as well as Let’s Plays, that is just another way of getting to experience the joy of watching someone else discovering a cool thing in a game.

Emma and I played Zelda on the big downstairs TV, while Corwin was chilling out on the floor. He had a bit of a cold, so he wasn’t feeling great today, but he seemed to have a good time for a while, playing with his toys.

Anyway, I should head off to bed. Got to get up at 5 AM for the second to last time for a month. We are so close to the holidays now. Just got to power through the last couple of days. Have a good Thursday everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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