Day 614: The 1st of April

Letz peep how tha fuck dis goes.

Well shiiit, dat shit was anotha fun day today. Caught the fuck up on my fuckin’ beauty sleep n’ played Zelda all day long. I be startin’ ta git pretty deep da fuck into tha storyline naw. Still shitload o’ mo’ hours ta git yet before I be even nea done though. N’ dat be wack.

I stopped playin’ tonight so dat I could charge tha Switch. I could have continued playin’ on my fuckin’ tv, N’ therez Ain’t nuthin’ but dat shit was probably as wack a time as any ta stop. Dat shit was 11 pm or so, n’ I do need ta git ta sleep soon anyway.

I shall naw proceed ta bed, most likely. Need ta git grab anotha glass o’ wata. Ain’t nuthin’ but first, have a wack sunday y’all!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writa extraordinaire.


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