Day 627: The 14th of April

I was productive for a change today!

I vacuumed the whole house, made the beds, cleaned the living room, dining room and conservatory and washed up. It did take a few hours, which I spent with my headphones on listening to some tunes while I worked, but it all in all wasn’t that bad a time. It is pretty satisfying to see a place nice and clean.

To celebrate, I decided to finish Breath of the Wild tonight. And it was a very satisfying ending. Whilst it wasn’t too difficult, given that I have done almost everything else in the whole game, it was still a beautiful end to this game that has sucked up almost 100 hours of my life.

No doubt it will continue to suck up more time once I have a small break from it. Especially given that there will be DLC coming out for the game over the course of the year. I am particularly curious about the new original story that is meant to be released as DLC around the end of the year. There is also a new, harder difficulty that is coming out in the Summer.

All in all, it has been a long trip, but I have had a great time with Breath of the Wild. It is time to take a step back though, let it simmer for a while whilst I do some other things and then I shall pick it back up to do some faster-paced run-throughs in the future. Speedruns and the like.

Anyway, it is time to sleep. I have stayed up way too late watching videos on Zelda, which I wanted to save until I had finished the game and learned all there was to know about it. Have a good Saturday everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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