Day 633: The 20th of April

Well, I gathered some articles today, but tomorrow is where the main body of work begins.

I can’t believe I fell back to sleep after my alarm went off. It is because I knew I’d have to work if I got up. Such a pain. At least I feel confident that I have enough time to get all my coursework done. The only reason I am stressing about it is because I want to justify to others that I did the work over the holidays, even though we still have until the end of May to finish them off.

I shouldn’t worry about that really. I should worry about getting each one done, not rushing to get them all done if they won’t be as good. I can afford to take the time with them. That means reading all the articles I found, getting references together and probably looking for additional materials on top of them.

Stressing only makes the work worse. Have a good Friday.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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