Day 652: The 9th of May

Alright, well. I need another boost, really.

Honestly I have never felt so bad during a coursework-writing period. Maybe it is the nature of having coursework so close to exams, or just how terrible the modules were this semester, but I am desperately struggling with motivation to work. This is well-trodden ground by now.

Every other time we have had coursework to do we have had plenty of time, with no lectures or anything in-between. It has felt like we have everything at our disposal to actually do well. And normally we only have two pieces to write.

Moaning won’t change the fact that I need to get Equity done by the end of this week though. I can probably manage that, if I get my reading prepared tomorrow. Lay the groundwork of my knowledge and build an essay around that. I do hope I pick decently interesting modules for final year.

So tomorrow is crackdown time. Next week is going to be even more pressured, with two separate questions to prep and write. Need to understand this topic before anything though.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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