Day 654: The 11th of May

Damn it all. I really am struggling to actually scrape together what I am meant to be writing about for this coursework.

I think tomorrow I shall start making a skeleton of my essay, just to give me something to look for in my research. Once I have a start, it should come easier. I might know more than I realise, hidden in the depths of my mind.

I also plan to set my alarm a bit earlier. Give me some more time to ponder in the day, without interruptions. I still have so much reading to do, I have barely scratched the surface. And time is running short.

Still I must persevere. After all, I need this essay done by the end of the week, so that I can get EU done. As much as Toby can say you can get it all done in a week, he has always been a bit laid-back in that regard. And he still manages to do well most of the time. Though I have done better in a number of modules.

I doubt this year’s modules are going to come out extremely well. Maybe average. We can hope.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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