Day 660: The 17th of May

I got enough done today, though not as much as I could have done.

I was watching Corwin whilst I was working and I only ended up finishing up my case list, instead of reading articles. Luckily I gathered 8 or so articles on various sections, which I plan to read up on and then write about tomorrow.

If I can get the first question answered tomorrow, that gives me enough time to plan out my next answer and get it written. 1500 words really is nothing, when you think about how tough it was to come up with 3000 words for Equity. Considering that you need to save at least 200 words for an introduction and conclusion, it really isn’t much space to write.

That at least means that I should have enough to talk about to fill the space. Can’t wait to be done, so I can worry about Tort. That will be a fun 5 days of revision, assuming I can get all of EU done by the 20th. Let’s hope I can get my revision resources all together in time.

Oh good lord. Just a week and a half left of this year of uni. It is honestly a bit terrifying. Ah well, lets just focus on writing something good tomorrow. Take each day as it comes.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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