Day 663: The 20th of May

It’s done. It’s finally done.

Somehow I managed to pull enough stuff out of my arse to write this final essay in a day. Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it for a little while there. And, as I expected, it really isn’t a very good essay. But then again, I literally have no more time to write it, so it doesn’t matter. It should be worth at least a couple of marks.

I was going to attach the front page and bibliography to each of my three pieces of coursework today, alongside finishing this last piece of work. However, given that it has taken me until almost midnight to wrap this up, I am thinking I can spare some time tomorrow to that little bit of admin work.

After all, tomorrow was mainly going to be a day of finishing off my revision resource for Tort, at most. That shouldn’t take too long and it also shouldn’t take too much brain power, for once. So, if I use half the day sorting out and uploading my coursework, that should be fine.

Just one more thing before this terrible year of uni is over. I hope next year is better and that I am in a better place when the next load of assessments come around. As for these ones, if I pass then I will be happy enough. Let us just hope that I can at least manage that.

Anyway, now I can spend a little bit of time relaxing before I continue working. I know I only have 5 days to revise for this exam, but at least it is only 1 exam. Plus, it is at midday, so I should be able to get a nice healthy night of sleep beforehand.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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